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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory facilitates collaborative research and development in catalysts for a secure energy future.

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Proton binding locations

Building the Ideal Rest Stop for Protons

Determining preferences provides insight into molybdenum complex's ability to produce ammonia precursor

(July 2014)

Where protons decide to rest makes the difference between proceeding toward ammonia production or not, according to scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Villanova University. The team found that subtle differences in complexes with metal centers greatly change where the protons end up.

Don Baer

Don Baer Selected to Join Washington Academy of Sciences

(July 2014)

Washington State Academy of Sciences’ membership has elected Don Baer as a member of the academy for his outstanding scientific achievement and leadership. Baer is a member of the Institute of Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the lead scientist for energy materials and processes at EMSL. He will be inducted into the academy in September.

Gold clusters

The Stability of Gold Clusters: Every Ligand Counts

The number of molecules attached to gold clusters has a previously unrecognized influence

(July 2014)

By colliding ultra-small gold particles with a surface and analyzing the resulting fragments, scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory discovered how and why the particles break. This information is vital for controlling the synthesis of these tiny building blocks that are of interest to catalysis, energy conversion and storage, and chemical sensing. The team showed that the fragmentation path chosen by a specific cluster depends on the amount of energy that binds it together as well as whether a given pathway leads to rapid or slow fragmentation.

Cited Researchers

Five PNNL Researchers Named Most Cited

(July 2014)

Five researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have been named to a comprehensive list of the world's most referenced scientists. The list includes more than 3,200 researchers whose scientific reports were in the top 1 percent of papers receiving the most references. The five scientists are Jun Liu, Alex Guenther, Phil Rasch, Yuyan Shao and Yuehe Lin.

Molecular Road Rage

Transformations: Changing the Game in Biomass Conversion, Molecular Road Rage, and Long-Lived Biofuel Catalysts

(July 2014)

In the July issue of Transformations:

To achieve powerful aviation fuels from biomass, we must grasp the scientific underpinnings at play during conversion. Learn about the challenges involved and progress towards reaching this goal as well as how scientists are designing catalytic zeolites with wider “lanes” to prevent molecular crashes and extending the life of catalysts designed to turn bio-oil to fuel on a massive scale. Also, read about several of your colleagues who were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

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