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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory facilitates collaborative research and development in catalysts for a secure energy future.

Latest Announcements

Johannes Lercher

Johannes Lercher Named Distinguished Chemical Engineering Lecturer at Yale

(January 2015)

Congratulations to Dr. Johannes Lercher, Director of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis, on being selected for Yale University's Barnett F. Dodge Lecture. Lercher spoke about the elementary class of catalyzed transformations for biofuels. He discussed how a detailed knowledge of catalysts and the reaction steps leads to new strategies.

Ilke Arslan, portrait

Ilke Arslan to Guide Materials Journal's Themes for 2016

(January 2015)

Dr. Ilke Arslan at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was chosen as a 2016 MRS Bulletin volume organizer. She joins an international team creating a dozen themes that cover state-of-the-art materials research. Each theme leads to an issue with a collection of articles, written by experts.

Don Baer

Don Baer Named AVS Trustee

A new member of the Scholarship and Awards Committee

(December 2014)

The membership of AVS: Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing has elected Dr. Don Baer a trustee on the society's Scholarship and Award Committee. Baer is EMSL's Science Theme lead for Energy Materials and Processes and member of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis.

Artistic interpretation of catalyst

Small but Tough: Iridium Nanoparticles Resist Deactivation in Biofuel Production

Scientists characterized catalysts to determine ability to convert methane to more valuable fuels

(December 2014)

Steam reforming turns methane from biomass into a mixture that can be further converted into transportation fuels. By combining experimental and theoretical approaches, researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory determined key properties of potentially more durable rhodium and iridium catalysts, which drive the reactions. Small iridium particles proved fast and stable.

Chris Mundy

Chris Mundy Named American Physical Society Fellow

(December 2014)

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Mundy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on being named a Fellow of the American Physical Society, which was founded in 1899. Mundy received this honor for his "pioneering applications of Kohn-Sham density functional theory to further our understanding of complex processes that occur at the air-water interface."

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