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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory facilitates collaborative research and development in catalysts for a secure energy future.

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EMSL Integration 2015

EMSL Integration 2015 Explores Advanced Batteries and Catalysis Research

Registration now open

(May 2015)

Registration is now open for "Integration 2015: Energy Materials and Processes for Advanced Batteries and Catalysis." The annual user meeting will be held September 15-17 at EMSL in Richland, Wash. This year's meeting focuses on advanced batteries and catalysis research at the molecular level. Johannes Lercher, IIC Director, will be one of the plenary speakers. Researchers from around the world and from academia, industry, and government research labs are encouraged to attend.

Dongsheng Li and David Heldebrant

Dongsheng Li and David Heldebrant Receive DOE Early Career Research Program Awards

(May 2015)

Congratulations to Dr. Dongsheng Li and Dr. David Heldebrant at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on being selected to receive 2015 Early Career Research Program research grants. They are two of just 44 recipients nationwide to receive the annual research awards. Under the program, they will receive five-year research grants that fund work designed to create new materials for energy storage and reduce carbon emissions.

Argining model with reaction

Mimicking Biology to Create Fast, Efficient Catalysts

Scientists are uncovering the design principles of natural catalysts, vital to energy storage

(May 2015)

At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, researchers are writing the design guide to built fast, efficient catalysts that mimic the best features of their natural counterpart, enzymes, which use Earth-abundant metals and mild conditions to store energy inside chemical bonds. The results could lead to catalysts that create fuels to store the intermittent energy from renewable sources.

Nigel Browning Quoted in PNAS News

(April 2015)

Dr. Nigel Browning at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was quoted in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on filming chemical reactions at the atomic scale. The PNAS news article, "Core Concept: Capturing atoms in motion" by Danielle Venton, discusses the development of the dynamic transmission electron microscope that is planned to come online in 2015. The microscope is part of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science's Office of Biological and Environmental Research funded EMSL user program. The instrument will provide the ability to film chemical reactions at the atomic scale. Browning is the project leader for the DTEM and directs the Chemical Imaging Initiative at PNNL.

Conceptual art of nanoparticles with soft-landing instrument

The Softer Side of Control without Clumping or Capping

Creating bare, two-metal particles provides insights into potential substitutes for costly platinum in fuel cell catalysts

(April 2015)

Replacing some or all of the platinum in fuel cells with common metals in a reactive, highly tunable nanoparticle form may expand fuel cell use. At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, scientists created reactive, tunable, bare nanoparticles using a new technique combined with ion soft landing.

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