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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory facilitates collaborative research and development in catalysts for a secure energy future.

Latest Announcements

Dr. Arnab Dutta

Arnab Dutta Garners Latest MT Thomas Award

(August 2015)

Dr. Arnab Dutta was named the recipient of EMSL's 2014 MT Thomas Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Achievement. Dutta came to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to study bio-inspired molecular catalysts in 2012; he was chosen for his high-quality research and publications.

Dr. Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson Receives Early Career Exceptional Achievement Award

(August 2015)

Congratulations to Dr. Grant Johnson on receiving a 2015 Ronald L. Brodzinski Award for Early Career Exceptional Achievement. His technical developments apply directly to fundamental research in catalysis and energy storage materials. Bestowed annually in memory of Ron Brodzinski at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the award recognizes scientists who publish outstanding contributions to nationally important fields early in their careers.

Model of a zeolite

Energy in Chemical Bonds and the Plant-Pollution Connection

PNNL scientists share fundamental insights in energy and atmospheric science at ACS National Meeting

(August 2015)

Researchers from the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be honored and present new work at the 250th American Chemical Society national meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, Aug. 16-20.

Wind energy

How to Store Sunlight on a Tight Energy Budget: Add More Protons

The reaction to convert solar energy to fuel is 50 times faster with a simple change in the solvent used

(August 2015)

For catalysts, the environment matters. Packing in protons and water lets a hydrogen-producing catalyst work 50 times faster than the previous record holder, according to scientists at the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis, which is led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This discovery provides another page to the design guidelines for super-fast catalysts to turn intermittent sunlight into fuels.

Wendy Shaw and Monte Helm

Researchers Ace Hydrogenase at PNNL-Led Workshop

(August 2015)

Before they can power your car, hydrogen fuel cells need an efficiency boost. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientists Dr. Wendy Shaw and Dr. Monte Helm led an invitation-only workshop at the Telluride Science Research Center on hydrogenase mimics, which catalyze hydrogen production and use for fuel cells.

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