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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory facilitates collaborative research and development in catalysts for a secure energy future.

  • Artistic representation of plasmon-based synthesis of gold nanoparticles

    Light Strikes Gold to Create Better Catalysts

    Tiny particles of gold are highly stable and have other attractive features suitable for use in certain industrial applications. However, it's been difficult to control the size and shape of single-crystal nanostructures. Recently, scientists revealed a specialized strategy that lets them synthesize a plethora of hexagonal or triangular gold crystals. The research team is from the University of Florida, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

  • carbon footprint cartoon

    Transformations: Fundamental Catalysis Enabling Zero-Carbon-Footprint Future, Scale-up of Aviation Biofuels from Alcohols, Five Cents about Nickel Catalysts

    The August issue of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis' Transformations recognizes innovation in catalysis. The lead item describes the potential of catalysis to enable a zero-carbon-footprint future. Also featured is the latest work on aviation biofuels by PNNL and industry partner LanzaTech.

  • Greg Kimmel

    PNNL scientist elected Fellow of American Vacuum Society

    Congratulations to Dr. Greg Kimmel on being elected to the rank of Fellow of the American Vacuum Society.

  • Image showing ccobalt catalyst and lead investigator

    The Case of the Cobalt Catalyst

    It's the worst short story ever written: on a dark and stormy night; the end. The real story -- the context, the tension, and the motivations -- are missing. That's what it feels like for scientists reading the reaction that uses a cobalt catalyst to produce hydrogen. Dr. Eric Wiedner and Dr. Morris Bullock at the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory wanted to know the rest of the story. They found out what happened between the first page and the last.

  • Johannes Lercher

    Johannes Lercher Receives International Award for Catalysis Research

    Battelle Fellow Johannes Lercher will receive a 2016 Eni Award, an international benchmark for energy and environmental research. Lercher, director of PNNL's Institute for Integrated Catalysis and Professor at the Technische Universität München, received the New Frontiers in Hydrocarbons-Downstream prize for his research on "Novel catalytic strategies to alkenes and alkanols."

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