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Johannes Lercher

Dr. Johannes Lercher, Director of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute
for Integrated Catalysis, was named Distinguished Chemical Engineering Lecturer at Yale.

Staff Awards and Honors


Strong Showing at the North American Catalysis Society Meeting
(September 2017)

Morris Bullock Honored for Scientific Achievement
(August 2017)

David Dixon Named a Top Author by American Chemical Society
(August 2017)

Bruce Kay Elected Member of Washington State Academy of Sciences
(August 2017)

Zdenek Dohnalek Named AVS Fellow
(July 2017)

Emerging Investigators Showcase Chemical Research in Prestigious Journal
(June 2017)

PNNL, WSU Energy Researcher Wins National Award
(March 2017)

Invited Feature Article Highlights Soft Landing of Complex Ions
Well-defined charged particles on surfaces lead to better understanding of catalysis, energy storage(February 2017)

DOE Calls PNNL "World Leader in Catalysis"
(January 2017)


Lin Named Among Most Influential Scientists in the World
(December 2016)

Morris Bullock Selected as AAAS Fellow
Fellows are selected for achievements that advance science and its applications(December 2016)

Johannes Lercher Received Inaugural Lectureship from Australian Catalysis Society
(August 2016)

Greg Kimmel Elected Fellow of American Vacuum Society
PNNL scientist recognized for "water behavior" research(August 2016)

Johannes Lercher Receives International Award for Catalysis Research
(July 2016)

Two PNNL Postdoctorate Researchers Win Awards for International Conference
(June 2016)

Glezakou and Rousseau to Lead Symposium at National Conference
Understanding how chaos and other factors affect energy and environment(March 2016)

Special Issue of Scientific Journal Dedicated to Bruce Garrett
(March 2016)

Johannes Lercher Elected to European Academy of Sciences
(February 2016)


Trio Honored via Feodor Lynen Fellowship
(December 2015)

PNNL Technologies Named to Prestigious R&D Magazine's 100 Top List
(November 2015)

Scott Chambers Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society
(November 2015)

Yuehe Lin Named to 2015 List of Highly Cited Researchers
(October 2015)

Arnab Dutta Garners Latest MT Thomas Award
(August 2015)

Grant Johnson Receives Early Career Exceptional Achievement Award
(August 2015)

Energy in Chemical Bonds and the Plant-Pollution Connection
PNNL scientists share fundamental insights in energy and atmospheric science at ACS National Meeting(August 2015)

Researchers Ace Hydrogenase at PNNL-Led Workshop
(August 2015)

The Story Behind ACS Winners Daniel DuBois, Morris Bullock, and the Hydrogen Catalysis Team
Interview with Chris Jones, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Catalysis, shows what it takes to control protons(August 2015)

Three PNNL Staff Elected to Membership in State Academy
New members to be inducted into Washington State Academy of Sciences in September(July 2015)

Glezakou and Rousseau Featured in Special ACS Journal
(July 2015)

Johannes Lercher Honored by Chemical Institute of Canada
(June 2015)

Johannes Lercher Delivers Hougen Lectureship
(June 2015)

Chuck Peden Honored for Vehicle Emission Control Catalysis Research
(June 2015)

Dongsheng Li and David Heldebrant Receive DOE Early Career Research Program Awards
(May 2015)

Nigel Browning Quoted in PNAS News
(April 2015)

Catalysis Research Featured in The Molecular Bond
(March 2015)

Monte Helm Advises Next Generation of Innovators
(March 2015)

Catalysis Team Wins Prestigious National Lectureship
(February 2015)

Johannes Lercher Named Distinguished Chemical Engineering Lecturer at Yale
(January 2015)

Ilke Arslan to Guide Materials Journal's Themes for 2016
(January 2015)


Don Baer Named AVS Trustee
A new member of the Scholarship and Awards Committee(December 2014)

Chris Mundy Named American Physical Society Fellow
(December 2014)

Scott Chambers Honored by American Physical Society for Outstanding Reviews
(December 2014)

Metal Catalysts from Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis Featured on Two Journal Covers
(December 2014)

Dohnálek, Holladay Appointed to IIC Management Team
(November 2014)

Helm and Stolley Comment on Combining Sunlight Harvesters and Catalysts in Nature Chemistry
(November 2014)

Yong Wang Co-Edits Special Issue of Catalysis Today
(September 2014)

PNNL Wins $2.2M to Develop Renewable System to Generate Hydrogen
(September 2014)

Alice Dohnalkova Honored by Microscopy Society of America
(September 2014)

Johannes Lercher and Chuck Peden Named Wiley Research Fellows
(August 2014)

PNNL Wins National Green Chemistry Award
American Chemical Society recognizes sustainable process to make chemical propylene glycol(August 2014)

Morris Bullock Quoted in Prestigious Scientific Journal
(August 2014)

Jim De Yoreo Quoted on Innovative Material Synthesis Approach in Physics World
(August 2014)

Julia Laskin Receives Laboratory Director's Science and Engineering Achievement Award
(July 2014)

Don Baer Selected to Join Washington Academy of Sciences
(July 2014)

Five PNNL Researchers Named Most Cited
(July 2014)

Window into Liquid Analysis Earns PNNL an R&D 100 Award
SALVI enables real-time imaging of liquid samples by more than one analytical instrument(July 2014)

Heat Treatment of Copper-based Zeolite Catalysts Is a Hot Topic
Material drives reactions that destroy nitrogen oxides in vehicle emissions(June 2014)

Aaron Appel's Invited Article on Catalysts for Renewable Fuels Appears in Nature
(April 2014)

Aaron Appel Quoted on Catalyst for Ethanol Fuel
(April 2014)

Don Baer Receives ASTM International Award of Merit
(April 2014)

John Holladay Quoted about Biofuels
(April 2014)

Jim De Yoreo Elected Materials Research Society Fellow
(March 2014)

Jud Virden, Kelly Sullivan Elected to National Council for Chemical Research
(March 2014)

Ilke Arslan Joins Microscopy & Microanalysis Editorial Board
(March 2014)

Fast Nickel Catalyst Breaks Into College Textbook
(February 2014)


Morris Bullock Quoted in New York Times
(December 2013)

Morris Bullock Quoted in C&E News
(December 2013)

PNNL and Collaborators Receive ARPA-E Award for Gas-to-Liquid Fuel Biocatalysis
Designing a biological approach for converting methane to methanol(December 2013)

Morris Bullock Quoted in Chemistry World
(December 2013)

Bullock's Perspective on Cheap Metals and Precious Performance Appears in Science
(December 2013)

Ilke Arslan featured in DOE Pulse
(November 2013)

James White Wins Prestigious Award from Organic Reactions Catalysis Society
(November 2013)

Ilke Arslan Presents at National Academy of Sciences' Kavli Symposium
(November 2013)

Mike Rinker Quoted in London's The Guardian
(November 2013)

Scientists Discuss How Catalysts Transform Waste into Fuels
Basic and applied research explain how to turn carbon dioxide, agricultural waste into hydrocarbons(October 2013)

Scientists Write Book on Answering the Challenges of Clean Energy with Molecular Modeling
(September 2013)

Morris Bullock Named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
(September 2013)

Szanyi and Peden featured in Chemical & Engineering News
(September 2013)

Johannes Lercher Receives Francois Gault Lectureship Award
(September 2013)

David Dixon Named ACS Fellow
(August 2013)

Bullock Honored by Royal Society of Chemistry
(June 2013)

Mark Engelhard Elected AVS Fellow
(June 2013)

Arslan's Research Graces the North American Catalysis Society Meeting's Program
(June 2013)

Yong Wang Elected Fellow in American Institute of Chemical Engineers
(May 2013)

Yong Wang Elected Fellow in American Institute of Chemical Engineers
(May 2013)

Yong Wang Elected Fellow at Royal Society of Chemistry
(March 2013)


DOE To Establish Energy Frontier Research Center at PNNL
Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis to study catalysis for solar energy, fuel cells(May 2009)


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Forms Institute for Interfacial Catalysis, Names Director
(February 2005)


Ilke Arslan Shares Her Views on Electron Tomography in Nature Materials
(November 2012)

Praveen Thallapally Served as Guest Editor of Catalysis Today
(November 2012)

State of the Material Article on Titanium Dioxide Proves Popular
(October 2012)

Yuehe Lin Elected Fellow at Royal Society of Chemistry
(October 2012)

DuBois Receives National Inorganic Chemistry Award
(August 2012)

Chuck Peden and Morris Bullock Named American Chemical Society Fellows
(July 2012)

Johannes Lercher Selected for Prestigious Lectureship in China
(July 2012)

Johannes Lercher Invited to Give First Vladimir Haensel Invitational Lecturer in Catalysis
(July 2012)

Catalysis Team Edits, Contributes to Special Issue on Diesel Emission Control
(May 2012)

Jun Liu Elected Materials Research Society Fellow
(February 2012)

Wendy Shaw Selected to Attend First U.S-Indonesia Symposium
(January 2012)


Bridging the Catalysis Divide
(August 2011)

Johannes Lercher Named 2011 Robert Burwell Lecturer by the North American Catalysis Society
(June 2011)

Jun Liu Selected to Lead Prestigious Materials Meeting
(May 2011)

Institute for Integrated Catalysis: New Name, New Leader, New Direction
(May 2011)

Roger Rousseau Elected to Advise National User Facility
(February 2011)

Guo-Shuh (John) Lee Receives ACS Award: Parravano Memorial Award for Excellence in Catalysis Research
(January 2011)

Catalysis Research Earns FLC Technology Transfer Award
(January 2011)

Greg Schenter Named AAAS Fellow
(January 2011)

Andy Felmy Named EMSL Wiley Research Fellow
(January 2011)

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