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David King and Greg Schenter become Laboratory Fellows

(June 2009)

Congratulations to Dr. David King and Dr. Greg Schenter of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis on being named Laboratory Fellows by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This is the highest honor that the Laboratory bestows on research and engineering staff.

King's contributions to the catalysis research at the IIC have extended over a number of applications which support his international reputation in the field of catalysis. These include developing an effective means of hydrocarbon fuel hydrodesulfurization at a small scale, production of hydrogen from biomass-derived liquids, and understanding the microstructural processes occurring at the anode of a solid oxide fuel cell during operation with methane fuel. This work with solid oxide fuel cells has provided an important key to future development of practical fuel cells.

Schenter is internationally known for his research in the collective behavior of molecules and his seminal contributions to theoretical chemistry and the interpretation of experimental measurements. As a theorist, Schenter has uncovered mysteries surrounding molecules and atoms. For example, he developed methods for calculating how small, light molecules and atoms would move and react in solids and in solution. These methods are critical for alternative energy. He is among the most highly cited authors at PNNL.

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