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Zeolites: The inside story

zeoliteCars that run on biomass-derived fuel and homes heated by wind energy that was generated weeks ago are ideas that need advances in catalysis. A class of catalysts known as zeolites has been used for decades, but many of their properties are not well understood. The February 2015 issue of The Molecular Bond, published by the Department of Energy's EMSL, a national scientific user facility, focuses on zeolite research enabled by the facility. For example, Dr. Chuck Peden of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis discusses zeolite-based catalysts to reduce automotive emissions. He talks about the copper-based zeolite Cu-SSZ-13, which removes nitrogen oxides in lean-burn (more air, less fuel) engines, eventually converting them to nitrogen. Using EMSL resources, Peden and his colleagues characterized the atomic intricacies of the catalyst, answering fundamental questions about its structure and behavior. Read more.

Catalyzing Collaboration and Conversation at the Nation's Largest Chemistry Gathering

ACS meeting

A solitary chemist in a science lab is an image best left to movie screens. Today's scientists are connected. At the Institute for Integrated Catalysis, led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, researchers conduct studies, write reviews, and mentor scientists from around the world. For example, Janos Szanyi, Chuck Peden, and Feng Gao worked with experts at University College London to discuss the current state of the science on two heat stable zeolites for controlling automotive emissions. This type of connection often occurs online or in the lab around a specific project. But, at the American Chemical Society spring meeting, scientists shared ideas, recognized their peers, and focused on a broader topic. Read more.

Three Minutes of Discovery:

Zeolites: Exploring Molecular Channels

Two minutes of DiscoveryScientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis are studying the fundamental mechanics of zeolites—crystalline structures that play a key part in catalysis. Learn more about the study and synthesis of these important materials in this video. Watch this video and learn more.

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