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Integrating Fundamental and Applied Research on Catalysis
by Robert Weber and Thomas Brouns

Integrating Fundamental and Applied Research on Catalysis At national labs, researchers gain scientific insights that lead to both evolutionary and revolutionary changes – changes that result in growth for our national economy and a healthier environment. The key to innovation is close scientific interactions within diverse, collaborative teams that range from the fundamental to applied sciences. By working together, diversity drives innovation and outcomes. Read more.

Reducing Emissions without Sacrificing Performance

Reducing Emissions without Sacrificing PerformanceTake a deep breath of clean, fresh air. Now, you might not think of thanking the Department of Energy, but when it comes to reducing pollutants from the diesel engines on our roadways, it's the DOE that has enabled the basic science and cooperative agreements with private industry to reduce emissions. Read more.

90 Seconds of Discovery:

Biofuels for Jet Engines

Biofuels for Jet Engines

While electric and hybrid vehicles are reducing our Nation's reliance on fossil fuels, not even the newest battery technologies have the energy density needed for air travel. But what if we could switch commercial and passenger jets to renewable fuels? PNNL scientists are conducting the fundamental catalysis research needed for renewable jet fuel. Watch the video.

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