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Kicking the Precious Metal Habit
by R. Morris Bullock

Morris Bullock

Our craving for more and more energy is causing an overdose on precious metals, and like most overdoses, the results could be catastrophic. We must develop new carbon-neutral sources of energy, but current methods require precious metals as catalysts. What will it take to kick the precious metal habit? Read more.

Science Far From Solitary

Universities and national lab team up to speed catalysis research

BSEL Basic science is no longer solitary, with a cliché white-lab-coat-clad scientist gingerly pouring liquids and quickly scribbling notes. Today's science is a team effort, with experts from different institutions working together toward the goal of meeting society's pressing needs for an abundant, clean, and efficient energy supply. Read more.

90 Seconds of Discovery:

Small Changes for Catalysts; Big Impacts for our Nation

90 seconds of DiscoveryHydrogen is at the heart of producing ammonia. It is in the fertilizers that grow our food and it's used to refine crude oil. But hydrogen is produced from non-renewable sources. At PNNL, catalysis researchers are developing the science to make hydrogen from renewable sources – water and sunlight – with low-cost and abundant metals, like nickel and iron. Watch the video.

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