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Chemical Transformations Initiative


Develop catalytic science for intensified, scalable, distributed conversion of dispersed carbon into chemicals and energy-dense liquid fuels


  • Transfer principles derived from nature to increase the activity of inorganic catalysts at low temperatures and pressures
  • Understand and control charge-driven and sterically controlled reactions in condensed phases at electrochemical interfaces
  • Develop plurifunctional, heterogeneous, electro- and acid-base catalysts that are stable, active, and selective in complex environments


Addressing the nation's needs for liquid fuels and chemicals while improving land, air, and water quality will require multidisciplinary science. PNNL is:

  • Leading DOE laboratory in chemistry and biology with expertise in thermodynamics, kinetics, reactor engineering, and molecular modeling
  • Internationally recognized in catalysis through the Institute for Integrated Catalysis (IIC)
  • Deeply experienced in electrochemistry (energy storage, fuel cells, and molecular electrocatalysis)

Chemical Transformations Initiative