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Chemical Transformations Initiative
Dr. Yang Qiu
Dr. Yang Qiu Applied Electrocatalysis Team Applied Catalysis
Energy Process and Materials Division

Dr. Yang Qiu earned his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from the Iowa State University. Yang has more than six years of academic research and development experience in electrochemistry for designing and diagnosing/failure testing of different electrochemical devices and processes (e.g. PEM/AEM fuel cells, electrolysis cell for biomass-derived compounds conversion, water electrolyzers, flow batteries, etc.). Yang also focused on the development of advanced 2D and 3D materials, including heteroatom doped carbon; metal and metal oxide; sulfide and phosphide; MOF; etc.

Dr. Yang Qiu joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2019 as a postdoctoral research associate. He is working on developing of electrocatalytic process and heterogeneous catalysts design for biomass- and waste-derived molecules conversion into biofuels and value-added chemicals.

Chemical Transformations Initiative