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Chemical Transformations Initiative
Dr. Jonathan Egbert Reactor Engineering and Design Team Catalysis Science
Physical Sciences Division

Jon, a postdoctoral researcher, is currently developing electrocatalytic flow reactors, heterogeneous catalysts, and methods for pharma-relevant organic reactions. With a background in organometallic synthesis, spectroscopy, and homogeneous catalysis Jon took on the task of delivering a bench scale reactor, catalyst, and the wherewithal to perform organic transformation on pharmaceutical precursors—starting from a repurposed flow battery. The data derived from the delivered 5-cm3 flow reactor is now being used to design second-generation reactors as well as 50 cm3 and larger reactors. Along with the reactors themselves his work is also elucidating the effect of catalyst selection and reaction conditions on both product compositions and Faradaic yields.

Chemical Transformations Initiative