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Chemical Transformations Initiative
Dr. Jamie Holladay Fundamental Electrocatalysis Team Building Energy Systems, Technical Group Manager
Energy and Environment Directorate

Dr. Jamie Holladay joined the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2000 and has been working on solving our nation's energy problems ever since. He is a Chief Engineer and team lead for the Catalysis Science & Applications team, and the Sector Manager for the Fuel Cell Technologies Office. Since 1996, Jamie has worked on electrochemical systems ranging from electrochemical synthesis to fuel cells and batteries. Currently he is researching electrochemical approaches to produce chemicals and fuels, catalyst development and characterization for diesel emissions reduction, methane conversion to hydrogen and solid carbon, electrolysis, and magnetocaloric hydrogen liquefaction. Jamie serves as a member of the Hydrogen Production Technical Team for USDRIVE, a government-industry partnership to accelerate the development of affordable clean vehicles, and is part of the DOE's H2@Scale Initiative for the DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office, where he is on the executive steering committee and is leading the High Temperature Hydrogen Production Thrust.

Jamie received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and his PhD from Washington State University. He has authored or coauthored over 50 journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers and other publications. He has 11 patents and 6 provisional/non-provisional patent applications.

Chemical Transformations Initiative