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Chemical Transformations Initiative
Dr. Huamin Wang Highly Active Acid-Base Catalysis Team Chemical and Biological Process Development
Energy Processes & Materials Division

Huamin's research interests include the catalyst and process development for the production of clean and renewable fuels and chemicals and fundamental understanding of catalytic reactions involved in the process by experimental approaches. His recent work at PNNL has two focuses: developing efficient and cost-effective catalysts and catalytic processes for biomass conversion to renewable fuels and chemicals. Specifically, He is working on hydrotreating of intermediates produced by thermochemical processing (fast pyrolysis and hydro-thermal liquefaction) of biomass into fuels, catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass, and converting bio-mass-derived alcohols to fuels and chemicals. Basic energy science research aimed at developing structurally well-defined transition metal ox-ide catalysts and understanding atomic-level structure/function relationships of these catalysts used in converting of biomass-derived oxygenates.

Chemical Transformations Initiative