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IIC leaders named AAAS Fellows

(January 2009)

Congratulations to Chuck Peden, Yong Wang, and Michel Dupuis of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis on being named Fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The Interim Director for the IIC, Peden was selected "for distinguished contributions to the fundamental understanding of catalyst materials and processes for vehicle emission control that have enabled the implementation of new technologies." Author of more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Peden is active in the American Chemical Society, currently serving as chair of the newly established Catalysis Science and Technology Division; the North American Catalysis Society, acting as program co-chair for the 21st Meeting of the NACS; AVS; and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The Associate Director for the IIC, Wang was honored "for groundbreaking contributions to the fields of reaction engineering and catalysis innovations that enable novel approaches to process intensification in important energy areas." Holder of more than 100 issued and pending U.S. patents, Wang is an authority on the development of chemical processes to produce hydrogen for fuel cells and on the conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals. Wang currently serves the American Chemical Society as program chair of the Petroleum Division, and is secretary for the 21st Meeting of the North American Catalysis Society.

A leading researcher in the IIC, Dupuis pioneered the use of information technology to address fundamental problems in chemical theory and research. The AAAS fellowship selected him for his "distinguished contributions to the fields of computational and theoretical chemistry, particularly for the development of electronic structure methods and computer codes for the simulation of molecular properties and reactivity."

Peden, Wang, Dupuis, and the other newly elected Fellows will be honored on February 2009 at the annual AAAS meeting in Chicago.

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