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IIC colleagues and collaborators win ACS awards

(October 2008)

Award - American Chemical Society

The IIC would like to congratulate our colleagues and collaborators for recently being announced as winners of prestigious 2009 awards from the American Chemical Society.

Past visitors, lecturers in the IIC Distinguished Catalyst Researcher Seminar Series

  • Professor Daniel G. Nocera (MIT) won the ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Professor Cynthia M. Friend (Harvard University) won the George A. Olah Award in Hydrocarbon or Petroleum Chemistry
  • Professor Jens K. Norskov (Technical University of Denmark) won the Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis.

Cummins, Inc. and the Johnson/Matthey Company - Team Innovation
IIC researchers have had a continuing collaboration with R&D staff at Cummins, Inc. and the Johnson/Matthey Company (JM) where IIC has contributed to a fundamental understanding deactivation processes of a new NOx Storage-Reduction (NSR) catalyst technology. Cummins and JM commercialized this technology for reducing harmful NOx emissions from diesel-powered vehicles on a Dodge Ram pickup in 2007, the first use in the United States on heavy-duty diesels.

IIC's collaborators, Neal W. Currier, Bradlee J. Stroia, and Aleksey Yezerets from Cummins, Inc., and Hai-Ying Chen and Howard S. Hess from JM were announced as the winners of the ACS Award for Team Innovation. This award is given "to highlight the value and importance of technical teams and teamwork to the chemical and allied industries by recognizing a multidisciplinary team for successfully moving an innovative idea to a product now in commercial use."

Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne - Priestley Medal
Finally, PNNL's partner in the DOE/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funded Chemical Hydrogen Storage Center of Excellence, Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne from the University of Missouri, Columbia, has won the Priestley Medal. This is the highest award from the ACS which recognizes "distinguished services to chemistry." Many IIC staff participate in the collaborations with Professor Hawthorne and others in the chemical hydrides center.

Again, the IIC congratulates our good friends and colleagues for the well-deserved recognition of their outstanding research!

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