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Institute for Integrated Catalysis

Message from the Director (April 2006)

JM (Mike) White

Mike White

The Institute for Integrated Catalysis (IIC) at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is undertaking a National leadership role as a collaborative research organization dedicated to advancing the science and engineering of catalyzed transformations of energy resources. It is managed to deliver new knowledge across the full spectrum of discovery and use-inspired research on catalyzed chemical processes, and specifically, research on chemistries that are applicable to the production, storage, transport and utilization of energy resources. Building on vast in-house experience at PNNL, the IIC is aggressively adding frontier experimental and computational tools. These tools are pointed toward the design, synthesis/assembly and operando characterization of solid and molecular catalysts, all with atomic level control and assessment.

As IIC continues to pursue the development of a superb catalysis portfolio, we seek mutually beneficial collaborations across the Nation and around the globe. Your inquiries and suggestions are welcome.

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Dr. John M. (Mike) White
Director, Institute for Integrated Catalysis

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