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Catalysis research aids company in winning small business funding

(November 2010)

Douglas C. Elliott

Thanks to the DOE Office of the Biomass Program-funded research by led by Doug Elliott and the Technology Assistance Program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, InnovaTek received $2.2M from a DOE small business award. This award is part of the recent DOE announcement of $57 million awarded to small businesses to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technology projects, increase American competitiveness and create jobs. The Richland-based InnovaTek, a leading fuel cell system technology provider, will receive funding to work on power generation from an integrated biomass reformer and solid oxide fuel cell. The company's CEO, Dr. Patricia Irving, confirmed that the research support by Doug Elliott, a member of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis, including providing biofuels samples for testing, was beneficial to the company's win. In addition, Irving called out the support of PNNL's Technology Assistance Program.

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