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Bruce Garrett elected Fellow at Royal Society of Chemists

Photo: Bruce Garrett
Bruce Garrett

(February 2009)

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Garrett at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Institute for Integrated Catalysis on being named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. The honor is given to researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of chemical science.

As director of Chemical and Materials Sciences Division at PNNL, Garrett has primary responsibility for PNNL's work in developing the tools and understanding to control chemical and physical processes in complex multiphase environments. His major accomplishments in physical chemistry are in developing theoretical approaches to determine rates of molecular processes in gas and condensed phases, including the first consistent molecular theory of gas-to-particle nucleation.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has more than 44,000 members worldwide. The largest chemical society in Europe, the organization works to promote the development, practice, and application of the chemical sciences across the world. In particular, the society encourages the participation of students and young people in chemistry.

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