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King Elected Secretary of Prestigious Society's Division of Fuel Chemistry

David King, ACS' Fuel Chemistry Secretary.
Dr. David King

(March 2008)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Dr. David King was elected Secretary of the American Chemical Society's Division of Fuel Chemistry. This division of the world's largest scientific society helps the research community share results that promote efficient and environmentally acceptable fuel production and use.

As the Secretary, King will supervise elections for the division. The process currently involves mailing out hundreds of paper ballots, encouraging responses, and tallying the results, a time-consuming process he plans to modernize. In addition, he will take the minutes at meetings and will oversee various communication products.

"I'm really enjoying my role because it gives me a chance to interact with a lot of interesting, talented, and dedicated people," said King.

His involvement in the division was a natural, given his catalysis research at PNNL. As part of PNNL's Institute for Integrated Catalysis, King is the Executive Secretary for the annual advisory committee meeting for the Laboratory's Catalysis Initiative.

In addition, he is conducting research in producing hydrogen fuel from biomass, designing solid oxide fuel cells to use natural gas directly, and removing undesirable sulfur molecules from liquid and gaseous fuels. He provides technical leadership for PNNL's Energy Conversion Initiative, facilitating environmentally friendly coal gasification and coal combustion processes. Finally, he serves as team lead for catalysis science and application in the Hydrocarbon Processing Group of the Energy and Environment Directorate.

King's term began in the spring 2008 and lasts through spring 2010.

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