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Catalysis scientist to share molecular discoveries at international conference

Speaking engagements help shorten the time between discovery and application

Dan DuBois
Dan DuBois

(September 2009)

An articulate and enthusiastic speaker, Dr. Dan DuBois will share his catalysis research with his peers from across Europe and North America at an upcoming international conference. His talk will focus on the challenges of proton relays in creating hydrogen for fuel cells.

"While many researchers are focusing on how electrons move in fuel cells," said DuBois, "relatively few have dealt with 800-pound gorilla in the cycle; that is, how the protons move."

DuBois' talk will be part of the International Conference on the Molecular Science of Solar Fuels. This conference, scheduled for November 1-5 in Sigtuna, Sweden, will bring together researchers from around the world who are working to develop biological and chemical approaches that use solar energy for fuel production. By sharing results and insights, researchers can reduce the time between scientific discovery and industrial application.

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