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2006 Research Highlights

hydrogen release
One of the crucial insights provided by Operando 11B NMR spectroscopy is the formation of a short-lived amine borane intermediate. View Full Article

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Become Faster and Greener with New Catalyst

"Filling up with Hydrogen," American Scientist
(August/September 2006)

Basic Energy Sciences Hydrogen Fuel Initiative awards three PNNL proposals:

  • Tom Autrey and Maciej Gutowski (Control of Hydrogen Release and Uptake in Condensed Phases)
  • Mike Henderson (Fundamental Investigations of Water Splitting on Model TiO2 Photocatalysts Doped for Visible Light Absorption)
  • Michel Dupuis (Charge Transfer, Transport, and Reactivity in Complex Molecular Environments: Theoretical Studies for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative)

Hydrogen Storage: Operando Methods in Catalysis

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Porous Membranes

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