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Awards and Honors Archive


Federal Laboratory Consortium Award, Engine Exhaust After treatment System Based on Non-Thermal Plasma-Assisted Catalysis. Darrell R. Herling, Chris L. Aardahl, Charles HF Peden, Delbert L. Lessor, Kenneth G. Rappe, John G. Frye, Jud W. Virden, Russell G. Tonkyn, Stephan E. Barlow, Gary D. Maupin, and Monty R. Smith.


R&D 100 Award , Catalyst Materials for Plasma-Catalysis Engine Exhaust Treatment. M. Lou Balmer, Russell G. Tonkyn, Stephan E. Barlow, Alexander G. Panov, John Hoard, Galen B. Fisher, Suresh Baskaran, and Darrell R. Herling.


Federal Laboratory Consortium Award, Molecular Science Software Suite (MS3). David A. Dixon, Raymond A. Bair, Thomas H. Dunning, Deborah K. Gracio, Jeffrey A. Nichols, Theresa L. Windus, and Rebecca R. Wattenburger.


Presidential Green Chemistry Award, Conversion of Paper Mill Sludges to Chemicals. Douglas C. Elliott, John G. Frye, Todd R. Hart, and Yong Wang.

R&D 100 Award, Compact Microchannel Fuel Vaporizer. Sean P. Fitzgerald, Jennifer L. Marco, Peter M. Martin, Dean W. Matson, Michael R. Powell, Gary L. Roberts, Donald C. Stewart, Annalee Y. Tonkovich, Yong Wang, and Robert S. Wegeng.


R&D 100 Award, Productions of Chemicals from Biologically Derived Succinic Acid. Sarah D. Burton, John G. Frye, and Yong Wang.

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