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IIC staff contribute to award-winning technology

Dr. Yong Wang
Dr. Yong Wang

(February 2008)

Yong Wang from the Institute for Integrated Catalysis was named on the R&D 100 Award, the Oscars of innovation, for Velocys-FT. This is an advanced reactor technology that greatly reduces the size and cost of second-generation biofuel facilities. First-generation biofuels, including corn ethanol and biodiesel, are prevalent today but are an interim solution because they use food crops for raw material. Next-generation biofuels, ones that use non-food biomass, are a more sustainable choice. Velocys-FT can help next-generation biofuels be produced less expensively at smaller-scale facilities. Primary benefits include favorable economics at smaller scales, more easily deployed and modular units and improved heat transfer. Velocys led its development with contributions from Battelle and PNNL.

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