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Transformations: Meeting the Catalysis Challenge in Aviation Fuels, Propylene Glycol Process Recognized, Role of Frustrated Lewis Pairs in Catalysis

(February 2014)

The need for improved catalysts that can be used to create cleaner, cheaper aircraft fuels is highlighted by John Holladay, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Energy and Environment Sector Manager, in the latest edition of PNNL's Institute for Integrated Catalysis' (IIC's) Transformations newsletter. Read also about how combining unique catalysis capabilities with solid R&D expertise, excellent industrial contacts, and plenty of hard work paid off in "Catalysis Process for Producing Propylene Glycol Recognized."

Transformations also contains the IIC's latest video, Frustrated Lewis Pairs, describes a reaction that provides a metal-free way to activate hydrogen and features PNNL scientists Greg Schenter, Shawn Kathmann, and Tom Autrey. View the video here.

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