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Dohnálek, Holladay Appointed to IIC Management Team

(November 2014)

Zdenek DohnálekJohn Holladay
John Holladay

Congratulations to Dr. Zdenek Dohnálek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, on being appointed Deputy Director of the Institute for Integrated Catalysis (IIC) at PNNL. IIC Director Dr. Johannes Lercher announced the creation of this position, and also the appointment of Dr. John Holladay, PNNL, as an IIC Associate Director on November 24.

Dohnálek, a senior research scientist who has been part of the IIC since 2007, will work with Lercher to coordinate and guide activities such as proposal renewals, reviews, and advisory board meetings. Holladay, who is responsible for PNNL's portfolio on biofuels, products and energy within the Energy and Environment Directorate, becomes the IIC's fourth Associate Director. He will work with Lercher to more closely link catalysis between the Fundamental & Computational Sciences Directorate and EED, jointly developing new programs and developing the way staff from both directorates work in teams to achieve the IIC's goals.

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