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Research Highlights


Fingerprinting Uranium
(December 2011)

Chuck Peden and Johnathan Holladay in Chemistry & Industry Magazine
(November 2011)

Project Aims to Bring Bio-based Jet Fuel Production to the Northwest
[PDF version of highlight]
(October 2011)

Positioning and Pinching Slow Proton Movement in Catalyst
(September 2011)

Catalyst That Makes Hydrogen Gas Breaks Speed Record
(August 2011)

A New Catalyst Might Expand the Usefulness of Ethanol Made from Biomass
(August 2011)

Scientists Develop World's Fastest Nickel-Based Catalyst
(July 2011)

Catalysis' Perfect Marriage Featured in Innovations Magazine
(June 2011)

Catalysis Expert Marco Daturi Visiting IIC
(April 2011)

Designing Catalysts with Pendant Amines
(April 2011)

IIC Helps Pulp and Paper Industry Find New Future in Biofuels
(April 2011)

Stories of Discovery and Innovation
Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

(March 2011)

Ligand Stripping Leads to Unique Surface Catalyst
(March 2011)

Accounting for Scale in Catalysis
(March 2011)

Catalytic Exhaust Aftertreatment: From Basic Science to Commercialization
(March 2011)

Chemists Turn PNNL Peer-Reviewed Article into One of ACS Nano's Most Cited Papers of 2010
(March 2011)

ICCE Adds Partners, Sharpens Scope of Collaborations
(March 2011)

IIC Part of EMSL's First-Ever Research Campaign
(March 2011)

New Platform for Catalytic Design
(February 2011)

Catalysis science, scientists featured on PBS interstitial video
(January 2011)

Inflating a collapsed organic lattice: Molecular carbon host volume is increased by 26 percent
(January 2011)

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