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Frontiers in Catalysis Science and Engineering


Aditya Bhan
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,
University of Minnesota
"Catalytic Deoxygenation"
Wednesday, December 3, 2013
EMSL Auditorium - 9:00AM

The (CH2O)n stoichiometry of biomass implies that its conversion to energy carriers and other petroleum-derived hydrocarbons centers on the removal of oxygen. This talk will discuss cases studies of deoxygenation chemistry on metal carbide catalysts. Specifically, the talk will include a discussion of (i) the potential for using CH4 – instead of molecular hydrogen – so that in essence, CH4 serves as a surrogate for molecular hydrogen for biomass deoxygenation while biomass serves as the oxygen carrier for hydrogen removal from CH4; and (ii) the site requirements and mechanism for selectively cleaving C=O and C-O linkages in sugar and lignin monomers for the synthesis of bulk and specialty chemicals.

Clifford Kubiak
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harold C. Urey Chair in Chemistry
University of California, San Diego

"The Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide and Oxidation of Formate and Formaldehyde"
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
EMSL Auditorium - 10:00AM

Catalysis of the conversion of carbon dioxide to liquid fuels using solar and electrical energy is a global challenge that could impact the carbon balance by recycling CO2 as fuels. A related challenge is the direct conversion of chemical energy contained in liquid fuels to electrical energy in fuel cell applications. Recent results in the study of artificial catalysts for the chemical reduction of CO2 will be reviewed.

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