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Awards and Honors Archive

Chuck Peden

Chuck Peden, Chair, National Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat for the American Chemical Society.


Zhenrong Zhang from the IIC appeared in Nature
(February 2010)

John Holladay discusses biomass, infrastructure with New York Times blog
(January 2010)

U.S., Swiss team earns INCITE award around complex reactions
(December 2010)

Catalysis research aids company in winning small business funding
(November 2010)

Peden, Szanyi serve as guest editors on special issue of physical chemistry journal
(November 2010)

Yong Wang serves as editor for energy-based issue of Catalysis Today
(September 2010)

Yong Wang

Yong Wang, American Chemical Society Fellow.

Daniel DuBois selected as Laboratory Fellow
(August 2010)

Douglas C. Elliott selected as Laboratory Fellow
(August 2010)

Bruce D. Kay named American Chemical Society Fellow
(August 2010)

Yong Wang named American Chemical Society Fellow
(July 2010)

Wendy Shaw featured in DOE Pulse
(July 2010)

Catalyzing change from petroleum to plants
(July 2010)

Wendy Shaw

Wendy Shaw, DOE Early Career Award.

Catalysis research wins prestigious R&D 100 award
(July 2010)

Kevin Rosso selected as Laboratory Fellow
(July 2010)

Dehong Hu selected as senior editor for international journal
(May 2010)

Chuck Peden quoted in USA Today on catalysts
(March 2010)

Wendy Shaw received a prestigious DOE Early Career Research Program grant to fund her work in designing effective, inexpensive catalysts that mimic enzymes
(February 2010)

Research team wins INCITE Award
(February 2010)

M Lizabeth Alexander, DOE Outstanding Mentor Award.

PNNL's first two distinguished post-doc fellowships are with IIC
(January 2010)

Biofuel research at PNNL to receive $14M in ARRA funds
(January 2010)


Ninety staff members at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory contribute to our broad scope of catalysis research programs from reaction engineering and process development to electronic structure theory. With years of experience from 1 to 40, and an average of 14, our staff provide a critical mass for innovation.

Yuehe Lin Named AAAS Fellow
(December 2009)

Yong Wang named first Voiland Distinguished Professor
(September 2009)

Chuck Peden and Steven Chu

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu talked with the IIC's Interim Director Chuck Peden about the catalysis research being conducted at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. (Photo courtesy of the Tri-City Herald)

Catalysis scientist to share molecular discoveries at international conference
(September 2009)

Don Baer receives prestigious award for scientific contributions
(June 2009)

David King and Greg Schenter become Laboratory Fellows
(June 2009)

Yuehe Lin co-edits nanotechnology book
(May 2009)

DOE to establish Energy Frontier Research Center at PNNL
(May 2009)

Janos Szanyi wins Fulbright Fellowship to conduct catalytic research in Hungary
(April 2009)

Bruce Garrett elected Fellow at Royal Society of Chemists
(February 2009)

Yong Wang co-edits issue of key journal in catalysis field.
(February 2009)

IIC leaders named AAAS Fellows
(January 2009)

Bruce D. Kay invited to join Journal of Chemical Physics Editorial Board.
(January 2009)


Michel Dupuis appointed to Journal of Physical Chemistry advisory board.
(November 2008)

IIC colleagues and collaborators win ACS awards
(October 2008)

Professor Theodore (Ted) Madey The IIC was saddened to learn of the passing of another giant in the surface science community, Professor Theodore (Ted) Madey, the State of New Jersey Professor of Surface Science at Rutgers University.

Chuck Peden quoted in Chemical & Engineering News on work at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics on trapping metal particles inside nanotubes
(July 2008)

John Holladay quoted in Ethanol Producer Magazine on breaking the catalytic barrier to biofuels
(July 2008)

Tom Autrey quoted extensively in Chemical Science article on borane and alternative fuels
(July 2008)

Nature Materials highlights careful characterization of candidate spintronic material
(July 2008)

Yuehe Lin to serve second term on advisory board for chemistry journal
(July 2008)

International board of physicists select molecular beam epitaxy article for its impact
(July 2008)

Yuehe Lin named Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(July 2008)

Chemical Engineering Progress (AICHE) features a three page article entitled, "Nanosensors: Evolution, not Revolution . . .yet" extensively quoting IIC's Glen Fryxell and Yuehe Lin
(June 2008)

Zhenrong Zhang received the M.T. Thomas Award for postdoctoral catalyst research.
(May 2008)

PNNL leader honored with EMSL wing dedication
(May 2008)

C&E News honors catalysis research
(March 2008)

Catalyst researcher Yong Wang receives academic award
(March 2008)

Scott Chambers with the IIC and his co-workers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, and the University of Washington had their spintronics paper selected as a "hot" paper by ISI's Essential Science Indicators (ESI).
(March 2008)

Yong Wang continues on editorial board of Catalysis Today.
(March 2008)

Hot paper expands understanding of dilute magnetic oxides.
(March 2008)

David King was elected secretary of prestigious society's division of fuel chemistry.
(March 2008)

Yong Wang received the Washington State University 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award.
(March 2008)

Environmental Science & Technology magazine ran a story on a renewable route to green gasoline and quoted PNNL's Conrad Zhang
(February 2008)

Researchers Contribute to Nation's Understanding of Catalysis
(February 2008)

IIC staff contribute to award-winning technology
(February 2008)

Bruce Kay was appointed to the U.S. Department of Energy's Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee.
(February 2008)

Chuck Peden, Yong Wang, and Michel Dupuis, leaders in the IIC, were named AAAS Fellows.
(January 2008)

R&D 100 Award, Velocys-FT: Fischer Tropsch Fuels Using Velocys Microchannel Technology.



Michel Dupuis Named Fellow in American Physical Society


Michel Dupuis Named Specialist Editor for Computer Physics Journal

Michel Dupuis Named Adjunct Professor at WSU-Tri-Cities

Lai-Sheng Wang was given the Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Research, Scholarship, and Arts, awarded by Washington State University.

Dan Gaspar was elected Chair-elect of the AVS Applied Surface Science Division of the American Vacuum Society.

Chuck Peden elected to chair of ACS Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat (ACS CATL). At the recently held American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting in San Francisco, Chuck Peden was elected to serve as the 2008 Chair of the ACS's Catalysis Secretariat (CATL). The CATL Secretariat regularly organizes and cosponsors symposia at ACS National Meetings, but equally important is the Secretariat's role in providing a mechanism for integrating the activities of ACS divisions concerned with catalysis and surface science in order to encourage comprehensive coverage of the subject at ACS meetings.

Control of Chemical Transformations for a Secure Energy Future Summer 2007 Message from the Director, Mike White

Glen Fryxell Wins Regional Industrial Innovation Award

New staff join IIC


Jim White named to Organic Reactions Catalysis Society (ORCS) Board of Directors

Igor Lyubinestsky to participate in international conference to commemorate the invention and development of scanning probe microscopy

Emrah Azensoy and Jose Herrera accept faculty positions

Mike Henderson named Laboratory Fellow

Yong Wang named 2005 PNNL Inventor of the Year

Janos Szanyi Joins Editorial Board of Catalysis Letters

"Undertaking a National Leadership Role:" Message from Mike White

Professor Charles (Chuck) Mims, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of Toronto visited PNNL's IIC for the summer of 2006.

Lai-Sheng Wang was given the 2006 Humboldt Research Award for lifetime achievement in nanoscience.

Don Baer was named to the editorial board of Surface and Interface Analysis.

Michel Dupuis was named Specialist Editor for Computer Physics Journal.

Chuck Peden was named Chair, National Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat for the American Chemical Society.

Yong Wang Named Asian American Engineer of the Year. Congratulations to Environmental Technology Directorate's Yong Wang for receiving the Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA 2006 Asian American Engineer of the Year Award. Yong was awarded this honor for his outstanding scientific achievements and contributions to his community. Since joining the Lab ten years ago, Yong has developed highly active catalysts for microchannel reaction technologies in efforts to reduce energy consumption and environmental concerns in the chemical industry.

Yong Wang, PNNL Laboratory Fellow and an Environmental Technology Directorate team lead, was appointed Program Committee Chair of the American Chemical Society's Division of Petroleum Chemistry from 2006 to 2008. The Division of Petroleum Chemistry is a professional network of scientists and engineers interested in the chemistry of petroleum exploration, refining, and effective networking opportunities. Yong's responsibilities will include identifying topics for future Division symposia for National ACS meetings, pursuing Division participation, and establishing working relationships with other Division Program Chairs.

New staff join IIC


Doug Ray, Chief Research Officer for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, was interviewed on Science and Society, June 15, 2005.

Yuehe Lin and Co-Authors Receive Award for Highly Cited Electrochemistry Article. Congratulations to Environmental Technology Directorate's Yuehe Lin and his co-authors for receiving the 2005 award for the best cited paper published in Electrochemistry Communications. Yuehe's article "Low-potential stable NADH detection at carbon-nanotube-modified glassy carbon electrodes," published in 2002, has been cited extensively. The paper elucidates the researchers' discovery that electrodes based on carbon-nanotubes have significantly enhanced sensitivity and stability for detecting nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a molecule that participates in many important biological reactions. This discovery forms the basis for the development of biosensors based on carbon nanotubes. Electrochemistry Communications is ranked second in citation impact in the field of electrochemistry.

Work by Yuehe Lin, Environmental Technology Directorate, and coworkers from PNNL and the University of Idaho, presented in Langmuir 21(24):11474 - 11479, 2005, was highlighted in the December 2005 issue of Materials Today (Note: Full article requires subscription). The article highlights the work in which Lin et al. deposited Pt/Ru nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) dispersed in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2).

Chemistry World magazine (subscription required for full articles) ran a story on silver hollandite as a possible catalyst to reduce diesel emissions. Reporter Karen Harries Reese interviewed PNNL researchers Liyu Li and Dave King, both of the Energy Science and Technology Directorate, for the story, September 12, 2005.

Yong Wang, PNNL Laboratory Fellow and an Environmental Technology Directorate team lead, has accepted an invitation from the Publishing Editor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Elsevier, Amsterdam, to become a member of the Editorial Board of Catalysis Today. Catalysis Today is ranked second in citation impact in the field of chemical engineering. Yong was selected for this honor because of his contributions in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and microchannel reaction technology to the development of energy-efficient technologies. He is the author or co-author of close to 100 peer-reviewed publications; and has co-edited two books, "Microreactor Technology and Process Intensification," published in 2005, and "Hydrogen Production" to be published in 2006. He also holds 57 issued patents and has more than 30 additional pending patent applications.

A paper by Yuehe Lin (Environmental Technology Directorate) and co-authors is one of the most downloaded papers in the field of chemistry, according to ScienceDirect. Lin's article "Electrocatalytic reactivity for oxygen reduction of palladium-modified carbon nanotubes synthesized in supercritical fluid," in the March 2005 issue of Electrochemistry Communications, discusses synthesizing nanostructured catalysts in a supercritical fluid, and the investigation of electrocatalytic reactivity of the catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction. The work demonstrates that the nanocatalysts have great potential for fuel cell applications.

Lai-Sheng Wang, Fundamental Science Directorate, has been named a 2005 Guggenheim Fellow by the Guggenheim Foundation for his work in atomic clusters and multiplying charged anions. Fellows are appointed on the basis of distinguished achievement in the past and for exceptional promise for future accomplishments.

Lai-Sheng Wang also has received the 2005 College of Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award from Washington State University for his research at PNNL, leadership in the field of nanoclusters, and pioneering research in the study of multiply charged anions.


Yongsheng Chen, John Fulton, John Linehan, and Tom Autrey, Fundamental Science Directorate, have been recognized with the American Chemical Society's Glenn Award for their presentation and paper delivered at the 228th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (August 2004). The prestigious award is given by ACS's Division of Fuel Chemistry. The paper, "In-Situ Spectroscopic Studies of Rhodium Catalyzed Production of Hydrogen from Dimethylamine Borane. Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Catalysis?" was honored as best among 220 papers submitted for the national meeting. Criteria for the award includes: quality of presentation, quality of preprint, and innovativeness of research. The award was presented to the recipients during the National ACS meeting in Washington, D.C.

Scott Chambers, PNNL Laboratory Fellow and EMSL User, is the 2004 recipient of the E.W. Mueller award for outstanding research in surface science. He was recognized for advancing the science of molecular beam epitaxy, and applying it to fundamental investigations of the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of metal oxide films, surfaces, and interfaces.

Scott Chambers, Don Baer, Chuck Peden, Mike Henderson, Greg Exarhos, and Bruce Kay, Fundamental Science Directorate, are Fellows of the American Vacuum Society, the Science and Technology Society. Bruce Kay is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society and recipient of the British Vacuum Society Award.

Stephanie Sawhill, graduate of Western Washington University, was selected to receive the 2004-05 Distinguished Masters' Thesis Award from the Western Association of Graduate Schools. The award is given for the outstanding M.S. thesis in 13 western states and 3 western Canadian provinces. Sawhill carried out extensive research at EMSL in support of her thesis "Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Transition Metal Phosphide Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts."

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