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Spring 2019 - Issue 19

Catalysis News

Lercher Honored for Cutting-Edge Innovation

Wang Receives National Catalysis Award

PNNL Team Receives Best Paper Award

New Estimating Tool Provides Catalyst Cost Information

Reducing Auto Emissions

Summer 2018 - Issue 17

In this Issue:

Effective Use of Renewable Electricity for Making Renewable Fuels and Chemicals

Be the Catalyst of Your Career

Science Short: The Fine Arts of Catalysis and Consensus

Catalysis News

Janos Szanyi and Feng Gao Share Their Views in Nature Catalysis

Grant Johnson Co-Organizes Mesilla Chemistry Workshop

Methane Goes Out With Carbon Dioxide, But There's a Catch

Quarterbacking Catalysts by Positioning Atoms

Getting the Catalytic Details

April 2018 - Issue 16

In this Issue:

The Benefits of Society

Be the Catalyst of Your Career

Science Short: The Fine Arts of Catalysis and Consensus

Catalysis News

Janos Szanyi and Feng Gao Share Their Views in Nature Catalysis

Grant Johnson Co-Organizes Mesilla Chemistry Workshop

Methane Goes Out With Carbon Dioxide, But There's a Catch

Quarterbacking Catalysts by Positioning Atoms

Getting the Catalytic Details

January 2018 - Issue 15

In this Issue:

Creating a Research Nexus in Catalysis

Taking the High Road by Finding the Middle Ground

Science Short: When a Catalyst Takes the Plunge

Catalysis News

Joint appointment named AAAS Fellow

Kelsey Stoerzinger selected as one of the 2018 Caltech Young Investigator Lecturers in Engineering and Applied Physics

Samantha Johnson Earns Best Poster Award at Theoretical Chemistry Conference

New Catalyst Meets Challenge of Cleaning Exhaust from Modern Engines

Atoms Rearrange in Electrolyte and Control Ion Flow under Tough Conditions.

November 2017 - Issue 14

Editor's note: It's important to reach beyond your community to get new ideas, share information with different audiences, and solve big problems. This issue of Transformations shows how our catalysis researchers go beyond the traditional limits of their discipline. Enjoy!

In this Issue:

How to Engage an Audience in an Attention-Constrained World

Catalysis for Better Control and Use of Thermal Energy

90 Seconds of Discovery: Why Sulfur Batteries Fail

Catalysis News

Bruce D. Kay Elected Member of Washington State Academy of Sciences

The Pivotal Step in Turning Carbon Dioxide into a Valuable Resource

David Dixon Named a Top Author by American Chemical Society

A Molecule Made to be Broken

August 2017 - Issue 13

In this Issue:

Recycling carbon dioxide

Carbonates: A Promising Approach for Low-Temperature Carbon Dioxide Conversions

90 Seconds of Discovery: Carbonated Science Cleans Power Plants

Catalysis News

Zdenek Dohnalek Named AVS Fellow

A Duet of Firsts: Imaging Chemical Building Block

Johannes Lercher Elected to Membership in the National Academy of Engineering

January 2017 - Issue 12

In this Issue:

New Lab-Funded Initiative in Chemical Transformations

Energy Everywhere—A Big Idea Evolution

The Contradictory Catalyst

90 Seconds of Discovery: How to Sustainably Fuel a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Catalysis News

DOE Calls PNNL "World Leader in Catalysis"

A Cooperative Way to Make Ammonia

Lin Named Among World's Most Influential Scientists

Light Strikes Gold to Create Better Catalysts

Bullock Selected as AAAS Fellow

PNNL to Partner with University of Oregon

August 2016 - Issue 11

In this Issue:

Fundamental Catalysis Enabling a Zero-Carbon-Footprint Future

Scale-up of Aviation Biofuels from Alcohols Reaching New Heights

Five Cents About Nickel Catalysts

Catalysis News and Research:

Lercher Receives International Award for Catalysis Research

A Watery Roadblock in the Pathway to Biofuels

How to Heal Broken Bonds, Catalyst Style

Catalyze It! Special Issue Highlights Drive for Discoveries at National Labs

Chromium Breaks the Toughest of Bonds, with the Right Support

December 2015 - Issue 10

In this Issue:

Where There Is Waste, There Is Energy—and Opportunity

IIC Scientist Exemplifies the Three Ds of Research

The Story Behind ACS Winners Dan DuBois, Morris Bullock, and the Hydrogen Catalysis Team (video)

Catalysis News and Research:

Please Do Spill the Oxygen

Chuck Peden Honored for Vehicle Emission Control Catalysis Research

Scientists Discover Precise Location of Active Sites on Popular Catalyst

Aluminum Clusters Shut Down Molecular Fuel Factory

Kneading Enzyme Makes Ammonia Levels Rise

May - Issue 9

In this Issue:

Zeolites: The Inside Story

Catalyzing Collaboration and Conversation at the Nation's Largest Chemistry Gathering

Three Minutes of Discovery (video): Zeolites: Exploring Molecular Channels

Catalysis News and Research:

Dongsheng Li and David Heldebrant Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards

Mimicking Biology to Create Fast, Efficient Catalysts

The Softer Side of Control

Sailing Through Uncharted Waters to Discover Catalysts' Secrets

In the Heat of the Reaction, a Single Atom Delivers

February - Issue 8

In this Issue:

The Value of Catalysis - Bob Weber

Top Five Things Learned About Creating Catalysts to Store and Release Energy

90 Seconds of Discovery (video): Catalytic Choreography

Catalysis News and Research:

Renewable Fuel from Algae

Small but Tough: Iridium Nanoparticles Resist Deactivation in Biofuel Production

Weaving a Catalyst

Johannes Lercher Named Distinguished Chemical Engineering Lecturer at Yale

Cheap Catalyst Gets Expensive Accessory

September 2014 - Issue 7

In this Issue:

Future Challenges for Catalytic Vehicle Emission Control - Chuck Peden

Catalyst Developer's 9-Week Fellowship at National Lab is a Win-Win

90 Seconds of Discovery (video): How Bio-oil Turns to Gunk

Catalysis News and Research:

Water Leads to Chemical That Gunks up Biofuels Production

Creating a GPS for Aluminum Ions

PNNL Wins National Green Chemistry Award

Building the Ideal Rest Stop for Protons

Johannes Lercher and Chuck Peden Named Wiley Research Fellows

July 2014 - Issue 6

In this Issue:

Changing the Game in Biomass Conversion - Corinne Drennan

Ending Molecular Road Rage

90 Seconds of Discovery (video): Increasing Biofuel Catalyst Life

Catalysis News and Research:

Jim De Yoreo elected Materials Research Society Fellow

Jud Virden, Kelly Sullivan elected to National Council for Chemical Research

Review covers lifetime of proton pushing

Krypton reporter uncovers oxygen's antics

Revving up catalysts by building in proton-only offramp

February 2014 - Issue 5

In this Issue:

Meeting the Catalysis Challenge in Aviation Fuels - by John Holladay

Catalysis Process for Producing Propylene Glycol Recognized

90 Seconds of Discovery (video): Frustrated Lewis Pairs research combines theory and experiment

Catalysis News and Research:

Morris Bullock writes Science perspective

Ilke Arslan invited to the 25th U.S. Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium

James White wins prestigious award

When less is more: Fewer proton relays improve catalytic rates

Fast nickel catalyst breaks into college textbook

September 2013 - Issue 4

In this Issue:

Kicking the Precious Metal Habit – by R. Morris Bullock

Science Far From Solitary

90 Seconds of Discovery (video): Small Changes for Catalysts; Big Impacts for our Nation

Catalysis News and Research:

A crystal of a different color

Finding a missing piece in the exhaust puzzle

New catalyst dives into water to produce hydrogen

June 2013 - Issue 3

In this Issue:

Integrating Fundamental and Applied Research on Catalysis – by Robert Weber and Thomas Brouns

Reducing Emissions without Sacrificing Performance

90 Seconds of Discovery (video):
Biofuels for Jet Engines

Catalysis News and Research:

Wang elected AIChE Fellow

Bullock wins Royal Society of Chemistry award

Controlling proton source

Measuring overpotential in acetonitrile

March 2013 - Issue 2

In this Issue:

Designing the Catalysts Needed for Sustainable Energy – by Dan DuBois

Looking at Sustainable Energy from Different Perspectives

90 Seconds of Discovery (video):
Storing Renewable Energy and Chemical Bonds

Catalysis News and Research:

DuBois to be honored at ACS symposium

First and fast catalyst

Wang elected Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow

Lercher receives Tanabe Prize

January 2013 - Issue 1

In this Issue:

IIC's director's message

Integration Key in Catalysis

90 Seconds of Discovery (video)

Catalysis News and Research:

Better fuel cell membranes

Speed and efficiency of hydrogen-producing catalyst

Peden, Bullock named ACS Fellows

Lercher selected for Chinese lectureship

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